• Connecticut Custom Fire Training was founded and is staffed by veteran fire service professionals dedicated to providing high quality training…

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Welcome To Connecticut Custom Fire Training

Connecticut Custom Fire Training was founded and is staffed by veteran fire service professionals dedicated to providing high quality training that is backed by years of experience in busy department throughout NY & CT. All of our staff are certified Fire Service Instructors who have spent years teaching at the state level, as well as on the national circuit. The focus at CCFT is on tailoring a program to meet the specific needs of your department whatever they may be. We do not use generic “canned programs”, we deliver customized training that applies to your department’s needs. Allow us to come into your department, evaluate your response area & typical call volume, discuss your training needs, and design a training program that will apply to your members, enhance their skill set, and improve upon overall departmental performance & effectiveness.

Upcoming Class Dates

Lifting & Stabilization Class


Basic & Advanced Lifting & Stabilization Classes Coming up in May:

Register On Our Website Here

Saturday May 5th, 2018 Basic Lifting & Stabilization: Class covers the basics of lifting & stabilization using an array of equipment commonly used by first responders including high & low pressure lift bags, struts, hydraulic jacks, griphoists, levers, Res-q-Jacks etc.

Sunday May 6th, 2018 Advanced Lifting & Stabilization: Students will operate as a member of a rescue team and work to free confirmed pins trapped in realistic, challenging scenarios.

Both classes offered individually or taken together with a 2-day discount.

Cost per student: $150.00 per day, $250.00 special for those registering for both days.

Classes to be held in Enfield, CT

See attached flyer or contact paul@ctcustomfiretraining.com

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CT Custom Fire Training & The TL-9 Stabilizer

CT Custom Fire Training is working on the following project: The TL-9 Stabilizer

TL-9 Stabilizer

What the videos below. Contact us for more information

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Splitting the Jamb

The baseball swing is an excellent forcible entry technique for wood doors set in wood frames, common to most private dwellings. By swinging the halligan like a baseball bat and driving the pike into the jamp you essentially split the frame. Splitting the frame will compromise the keepers on the frame which the bolts of the locks are set. Once the point is set firmly into the frame pressure can be applied to the tool and the door to complete your entry. A great single firefighter technique when faced with a wood door set in a wooden frame.


rsz baseball swing 5 1

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The Nutmeg Carry

rsz sandy hook rit stair carry 4The Nutmeg Carry is an alernative technique to remove a downed firefighter from a below grade area such as a basement or cellar. The traditional 2 firefighter removal tactic is good, but it exposes the upright firefighters to high heat conditions, and is extremaly time consuming due to the numerous resets. The Nutmeg Carry places the downed member on the rescuers back to be removed up from the below grade area. Like any new technique it requires some practice and may need to be tweaked to fit your department needs but when done correctly it will speed up your removal efforts. 

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Forcible Entry

The importance of proper positioning and clear, concise communications between the Irons firefighter and the Canman cannot be overstressed. The Irons firefighter should position themselves between the tool and the door and keep their eyes focused on the working end of the tool. The Irons firefighter manipulates the Halligan into posistion and calls for hits as needed. The Can firefighter needs to position themselves so they can deliver hits perpendicular to the "Sweet Spot" at the base of the Adz. Hits are delivered on the command "HIT" and should consist of compact yet powerful blows.Setting with Canman  

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Welcome to Connecticut Custom Fire Training


 We at CT Custom Fire Training look forward to delivering cutting edge, customized training to suit your departments needs. We will continue to update our site with valuable information pertaining to firefighting and rescue operations. We will also be listing upcoming classes throughout te area so please keep an eye out for updated information. Thank you for taking the time to visit our site, and Stay Safe. 



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