Rapid Intervention Training

Students begin by reviewing case studies of historic fatal fires to identify the root causes of exactly what went wrong. Factual accounts, through the use of audio & video are used to describe the sequence of events leading up to the May Day, and the actions of the rescue teams are examined and their successes and failures are discussed. Students will then learn the roles of the R.I.T. team, and how best to apply them to their particular jurisdiction. A main focus will be placed on the importance of being proactive once on scene as a member of R.I.T. The Hands On portion is broken down into skills stations & R.I.T. based scenarios. The skill stations are derived from techniques developed following several of the historic fatal fires. S.C.B.A. conversions, air supplementation, below grade removal techniques, removal over ladder, and simple M/A systems for removal are but a few of the skills students will learn. Once these skills are mastered, students will respond as a R.I.T. team and operate at a realistic May Day scenario replicating the conditions encountered in the historic case studies.

Firefighter Survival Training

The focus of this class is to train fire fighters to recognize deteriorating conditions on the fireground so they can avoid becoming trapped, and teach them basic survival skills to effectively remove themselves from a hostile environment. The classroom session identifies the reasons why firefighters become lost, disorientated, or trapped and helps them avoid specific situations through enhanced recognition. Topics of discussion include; size up & construction, P.P.E capabilities & limitations, Flash-over recognition, and Mayday parameters & procedures. The Hands On portion of the class consists of 5 skill stations focused on basic survival skills. Firefighters will learn; S.C.B.A. emergency procedures, wall breaching & restricted passage techniques, hose line assisted removal, head first ladder bailouts, and body belay rope bailouts. Students will implement their Mayday procedure throughout the skills stations, and will progress to the mastery level of achieving each skill in full P.P.E., on air, and blacked out.