Ladder Company Priorities (Classroom)

This classroom presentation begins by identifying the buildings typically found in the given response area, and points out specific challenges a ladder company might face. We examine the “traditional role” a ladder company has played at fires in the past in order to see if we can utilize the unit more effectively to improve fire ground operations. By reviewing case studies and recent statistics we begin to identify the vital role our ladder company can play in saving lives on the fire ground. We begin to identify an incidents critical functions which need to be accomplished to insure a positive outcome. These functions are categorized in priority order based on level of importance and available manpower. The concept of riding assignments or P.D.A.’s will be explored as an option for your department and the critical functions will be tailored to the amount of manning you have dedicated to your unit. The use of home responders and mutual aid is also applied to this concept. We then go on to provide a detailed overview of a Ladder Companies primary function on the fireground. Every riding position and the associated responsibilities are discussed at length.

The “2 tiered attack concept” is introduced. Vital areas such as forcible entry, primary search, V.E.S. and roof operations are discussed and thoroughly explained. Finally we conclude with an interactive table top session where the students are faced with typical fire scenarios expected to be found in their area. Based on preliminary information provided by the instructor they are tasked with identifying the incidents critical functions. They must assign the available manpower to carry out these tasks, and make specific tactical decisions as the incident unfolds.

Ladder Company Priorities (Hands-on-Training)

This is an all encompassing class focused on teaching the basics of truck work for structural firefighting. Students will learn the skills nesecary to accomplish critical functions on the fireground. Basic forcible entry, ventilation, V.E.S., ground laddering, and aerial operations will all be covered extensively. Students will learn the “2 tiered attack concept” and will carry out their specific tasks based on their respective assignments.