Forcible Entry (Basic)

This class combines classroom discussion with Hands On repetition to reinforce the basic tenants of forcible entry. The classroom portion focuses on 3 types of entry (conventional, thru-the-lock, power tools) and provides the students with insight and experiences dealing with each. A significant portion of the lecture is dedicated to door size up, and forcible entry methodology in order to match the appropriate form of entry based on the type & style of door they face. Once outside students will learn proper forcible entry techniques using the “Shock, Gap, Set, Force method to force realistic inward opening doors. In addition, students will also learn to force challenging outward opening doors typical in commercial establishments.

Forcible Entry (Advanced)

For those that have a good handle on forcible entry basics we provide insight & opportunity to deal with more challenging forms of entry. Student will learn techniques on how to deal with angle iron, restricted spaces, limited back swing, and obscured visibility. In addition, the students will learn the benefits of basic tool modifications when faced with these challenges.

Forcible Entry (Saw Operations)

From roll down gates, and high security padlocks, to window bars the classroom portion will discuss the various types & styles of security devices in use today, and provide methods for defeating each. Once outside the students will utilize one of the most encompassing saw operation stations available to date. Students will be given ample opportunity to cut padlocks, hockey puck locks, chain, roll down gates, window bars, carriage    bolts, and H.U.D. windows. This comprehensive environment will allow students to enhance their knowledge and develop their skills in dealing with these challenging security features that are becoming all too common in many response areas.