Having a good working knowledge regarding some of the key structural components in modern day vehicles can go a long way to improving your extrication skills. One such component you should be aware of and use to your advantage is the center dash bar found in virtually all automobiles produced after the year 2000. The center dash bar, (aka) central dash support, is a key component of the dash support structure, which runs accross the dash area of the car from "A post" to "A post". Understanding what the "Dash Bar" is, and most importantly where it is will significantly further your capabilities in terms of displacing the dash of a car that is impinged upon your victims lower extremities.  The central dash displacement is a technique used to hyper-extend the dash of an automobile by pushing off the dash bar with your hydraulic spreader or ram.  By placing the base of your ram, or the lower arm of your spreader on the transmission hump or floor board, and the upper portion of the unit on the dash bar you can raise the dash significantly without making any relief cuts. Finding the dash bar can be tricky at first as it is hidden by the standard components of the dash board (radio, temperature controls, vents, etc.) Once these components are removed, or destroyed by the hydraulic tools the dash bar will be visible, and displacement can commence. You will be amazed by the amount of space you create using this technique.rsz 1img 2584